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ZX Computing Magazine

ZX Computing Magazine Issues 01-38 (Summer 1992 - May 1987).

ZX Computing was published by Argus Specialist Publications and covered all Sinclair micros, from the ZX80 through to the QL and Spectrum 128. It was published bi-monthly until April 1986, when it underwent a significant redesign and was published monthly until May 1987. The early issues concentrated on type-ins and technical articles; after the revamp most games-based content was carried. Of particular interest are the articles by Spectrum "Machine Code" legend Toni Baker.


texts 36

The Computer Magazine Archives

machine code 35
program 33
print 29
spectrum 29
goto 19
print ink 16
data 15
ink 14
tor 14
computing monthly 13
print print 13
hove 12
ond 12
ore 12
code 11
computing 11
software 11
poke 10
ram pack 10
print tab 8
con 7
poke usr 7
programs 7
return 7
cls 5
input 5
lor 5
print paper 5
screen 5
user defined 5
beep 4
expert system 4
fhe 4
gome 4
print trb 4
randomize usr 4
spectrum game 4
computing april 3
disc drive 3
gosub 3
high score 3
ihe gome 3
ihe program 3
ihe screen 3
mochine code 3
pro gram 3
ram disc 3
return rem 3
scroll print 3
spectrum software 3
spectrum utility 3
word processing 3
art studio 2
aug sept 2
basic program 2
computing aug 2
computing feb 2
computing february 2
data data 2
disk drive 2
draw 2
drru 2
expert systems 2
game 2
ihe game 2
ihe spectrum 2
input print 2
joystick interface 2
light screen 2
oct nov 2
ond ihe 2
operating system 2
plot 2
power supply 2
print input 2
ram 2
rnd 2
screen designer 2
screen machine 2
software houses 2
thot 2
tim hartnell 2
wide range 2
amstrad 1
amstrad word 1
amx mouse 1
arc 1
arcade games 1
atari 1
august september 1
basic 1
beta basic 1
bobby bearing 1
border colour 1
bottom left 1
bulletin boards 1
calculator stack 1
caps shift 1
carry flag 1
changes symbols 1
character set 1
chess program 1
class code 1
cls cls 1
cls print 1
code routine 1
command routine 1
compuling monthly 1
computer 1
computer challenge 1
computer club 1
computer games 1
computing august 1
computing dec 1
computing december 1
computing june 1
computing oct 1
computing summer 1
computing weekly 1
cpc 1
current cursor 1
cyrus level 1
dan dare 1
data bin 1
dec 1
dec ember 1
defb defb 1
define procedure 1
define remark 1
dim dim 1
direct command 1
disc 1
display file 1
dram 1
earls court 1
erm 1
error message 1
extended basic 1
feb mar 1
feb march 1
february march 1
fighter pilot 1
free sectors 1
games 1
gosub val 1
goto val 1
graphic shifted 1
grip stick 1
hardware required 1
high resolution 1
ibk 1
ihc 1
ihe machine 1
input buffer 1
int tab 1
interface 1
june july 1
knowledge base 1
left hand 1
light pen 1
low byte 1
machine coda 1
mail order 1
main cursor 1
melbourne house 1
micro 1
micro amiga 1
micro amstrad 1
mode caps 1
modem house 1
monster hit 1
moving graphics 1
music machine 1
national computer 1
normal ram 1
note values 1
ooo ooo 1
open open 1
origin cursor 1
pcw 1
pepsi 1
pepsi challenge 1
personal computer 1
poke poke 1
poke val 1
popular computing 1
print ftt 1
print inverse 1
print position 1
printed circuit 1
printer pac 1
professional astrologer 1
program lines 1
program listing 1
prper 1
puling monthly 1
ram discs 1
ram packs 1
ramdisc serial 1
rand usr 1
english 36
Date Published
Topics: print, spectrum, drru, program, software, plot, ink, goto, computing december, computing, graphic...
Topics: print, spectrum, return, ink, data, computing, goto, program, computing august, gosub, print ink,...
Topics: print, program, spectrum, goto, data, software, return, draw, print ink, machine code, joystick...
Topics: stand, atari, showcase, amstrad, program, software, ihc, computer, pepsi, games, micro, personal...
Topics: print, goto, spectrum, data, software, poke, ink, program, code, interface, poke usr, dec ember,...
Topics: print, spectrum, goto, ink, software, poke, rnd, program, print print, ibk, power supply, pro gram,...
Topics: print, ink, data, spectrum, goto, computing, code, program, machine code, return, spectrum utility,...
Topics: print, goto, program, cls, input, code, programs, spectrum, machine code, print print, computer...
Topics: print, goto, program, ink, poke, computing, return, spectrum, machine code, beep, goto val, cyrus...
Topics: print, goto, program, ram, gosub, input, programs, computing, computing summer, code, moving...
Topics: print, program, spectrum, poke, software, cls, return, goto, machine code, data, carry flag, ret...
Topics: print, program, spectrum, code, programs, software, data, computing, machine code, poke, remark...
Topics: ond, ore, data, hove, screen, tor, fhe, print, computing monthly, gome, changes symbols, wide...
Topics: ond, print, ore, tor, spectrum, ulf, hove, ink, computing monthly, con, print ink, grip stick,...
Topics: ond, ore, tor, hove, fhe, spectrum, program, con, computing monthly, lor, ihe gome, ihe game,...
Topics: print, goto, program, programs, code, input, computing, spectrum, machine code, screen, printed...
Topics: print, return, spectrum, poke, ink, data, goto, program, poke usr, usr, spectrum game, rem print,...
Topics: print, goto, spectrum, program, prper, input, rnd, ink, print print, software, high resolution,...
Topics: print, goto, beep, spectrum, data, ink, cls, program, machine code, erm, register pair, mail order,...
Topics: print, data, program, goto, cls, tab, ink, spectrum, print tab, gosub, ram pack, print print,...
Topics: print, goto, spectrum, program, software, poke, beep, ink, machine code, game, arcade games, user...
Topics: print, program, goto, dec, programs, sinclair, code, spectrum, machine code, software, high score,...
Topics: program, spectrum, tor, game, basic, thai, lor, code, machine code, computing, ihe game, dan dare,...
Topics: print, spectrum, program, drru, computing, code, software, goto, machine code, programs, spectrum...
Topics: ond, ore, tor, spectrum, thot, con, program, hove, computing monthly, code, screen coordinates,...
Topics: data, ond, ore, hove, spectrum, print, tor, program, computing monthly, con, ihe program, disc...
Topics: ond, print, data, ore, poke, hove, program, tor, machine code, computing monthly, basic program,...
Topics: ond, ore, tor, program, gome, spectrum, con, hove, computing monthly, lor, light pen, bottom left,...
Topics: ond, spectrum, ore, tor, lor, program, hove, screen, art studio, con, disc drive, modem house,...
Topics: print, goto, program, ram, ink, computing, programs, scroll, machine code, input, scroll scroll,...
Topics: val, data, program, code, screen, spectrum, poke, print, machine code, tor, current cursor, art...
Topics: ond, plot, tor, ore, hove, draw, program, print, machine code, dram, ram disc, print tab, computing...
Topics: ond, data, ore, tor, disc, gome, hove, print, computing monthly, fhe, ihe screen, error message,...
Topics: print, ink, program, beep, return, data, cls, spectrum, print ink, poke, pro gram, defb defb,...
Topics: ond, ore, tor, program, fhe, spectrum, print, hove, computing monthly, screen, ray elder, note...
Topics: ond, ore, hove, tor, gome, con, program, spectrum, computing monthly, thot, monster hit, ihe...